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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view responses to frequently asked questions about the Family Spirit Nurture Text Messaging Service. If you have additional questions, submit an inquiry on our Contact page, or send an email to

Is there a cost to receive Family Spirit Nurture text messages?

It is completely free to sign up for Family Spirit Nurture text messages. As with any text-based service, messaging and data rates may apply based on your carrier and cellular plan.

I signed up for text messages but am not receiving any messages. What should I do?

Text SIGNUP to (413) 477-5526 from your mobile device to ensure the device is already signed up. If you are still not receiving any messages, please reach out to us via email at

How do I change my preferences for frequency and types of text messages that I receive?

Text CHANGE to (413) 477-5526 to update your message preferences.

How do I stop receiving text messages?

Text STOP to (413) 477-5526 to stop receiving the Family Spirit Nurture text messages. To delete all data, please email us at


How can I receive the Family Spirit Nurture home visiting program?
How do you ensure that my information is kept private?

Once you register your phone number, the Family Spirit Nurture text messaging program will only communicate with you via that phone number. Only you will be able to edit your messaging preferences from that same phone number. Keep in mind that if you have your phone synced to other devices (such as your computer), the Family Spirit Nurture text messages will show up there as well. Family Spirit Nurture support staff have access to your information for troubleshooting and support purposes, as well as for sending specific messages to you based on your location. Your information is not used for any other purposes.

Will you share my phone number with other organizations?

No, Family Spirit Nurture will not share your phone number or personal information.

Why do you ask for my ZIP code?

We collect your ZIP code so that we can provide location-relevant messages from time to time, such as available food programs or nutritional guidelines for your state.

What if I get a new phone number?

You will need to sign up again with your new phone number. Email us at to delete your old phone number.