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Introducing Solid (Table) Foods

Introducing solid foods around 6 months is an exciting and important time!

  • Around 6 months, the goal is to introduce a wide variety of healthy new foods while you continue breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby. The types of foods they try now can hep them be a healthy eater in the future.
  • Your baby is eager to touch, see and be a part of the world – which includes learning to eat table foods. It takes time and patience!
  • All babies are different, let your baby experiment with the healthy foods you provide and eat at their own pace. Learn to read their hunger and fullness cues.
  • Your baby won’t necessarily eat all of the foods you introduce. Forcing your baby to eat will lead to frustrated babies and power struggles. Try to have fun with it and model healthy eating for them.
  • Your baby does not need juice or other sugary drinks to grow healthy. They can start taking small sips of water at 6 months for thirst.
  • Keep your baby safe by washing your hands and baby’s hands before and after feeding. Put a small amount of food in a bowl instead of feeding directly from the jar. Throw away uneaten food in the bowl after feeding.

Learn more by watching this video from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)