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Native Infusion: Rethink Your Drink

Empower Your Body with the Precious Gift of Water

  • Download the pdf guide here.
  • Water, plants, and natural gifts from the earth nourish our bodies and bring us vitality.
  • Soda, juices, energy drinks and other sugary beverages are causing many damaging health effects in all communities, especially Native communities.
  • This guide to ancestral beverages supports us in choosing healthy drinks.
  • Ancestral beverages contribute to physical, spiritual and planetary health.
  • Read this guide to learn:
    • Methods for preparing healthy beverages from traditional plants and foods, including flavored waters, teas, smoothies and broths.
    • How to identify, harvest, process and prepare multiple native plants for tea.
    • About the health impacts of sugary drinks.

A Guide to Ancestral Beverages by Valerie Segrest and Elise Krohn

Native Infusion is a teaching toolkit aimed to support you and your community in making healthy choices about beverages. The toolkit integrates Native American cultural teachings and traditional health and nutrition concepts from the Coast Salish region.